Pegasus Electronics offer one-stop PCB and PCBA service from layout to assembly..
We can supply PCB as CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-4, Aluminum PCB materials.
We design and supply PCB for different LED lighting applications as :
– Led Bar PCB
– Led Panel PCB
– Down light PCB
– Flood light PCB
– Street light PCB
We do assemble service.. We can supply PCB with LED, connector and components assembled..
We supply CEM-1, FR-4, Aluminum PCB sheets as 1000x1200mm, 1200x1200mm,…
PCB Material                   :   CEM-1,  CEM-3,  FR-1,  FR-4,  Aluminum PCB   
CTI Value                            :   600V,  300V,  175V

PCB Thickness                 :   1.6mm,  1.2mm,  1.0mm,  0.8mm

Copper thickness           :   35u,  25u,  22u,  18u
Thermal Conductivity :   2.2w/mk / 1.5w/mk / 1.0w/mk, 0.65w/mk
Panel Size                            :  1000 x 1200mm,   1200 x 1200mm